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“Winter” 2011-2012

The reason I have quotation marks on winter is because this year we didn’t really have winter. Since it’s winter season, I have no choice but to call it that. It snowed a little bit but it didn’t pile up whatsoever. This same time last year, we had up to 3 inches of snow which covered everywhere. Now this year, mother nature decides to hold back the fun. I didn’t get to throw one snowball at anyone this year which is quite unusual for me. Every year since I’ve been born, I’ve thrown at least one snowball period.

It also got me wondering when on New Years Eve, it was about 56 degrees. Throughout history, it’s either started snowing, or already snowing on New Years Eve. So for it to be “hot” like that, something had to be seriously wrong. However, “winter” isn’t over yet. Mother Nature still has a couple of weeks to give us snow…

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  1. cnt say my name or itz gunna b sumthn @ church "hint" says:

    us gots dat rite!!!!!! im most definitaly not taking this winter for granted.. bcuz u remeber wat happend of winter of 2007?

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