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My 13th Birthday

I’ve been waiting for tomorrow practically all of my life. April 7th, 2012. The day I become a teenager. I have no idea what’s so special about being a teenager anyway. Do you get a certificate? A  teenager membership card? Or is there some type of club that you only find out about, weeks before you turn 13? This time of year for any 12 year old is the most exciting. You become hyper, you constantly remind your parents that your 13th birthday is approaching, and they constantly reassure you that they haven’t forgotten when your birthday is.

Being a teenager is the first step of becoming a young adult. The day you turn 12, is the day you start preparing for becoming 13. Up until this year, I’ve gotten toys for all of my birthdays, some clothing, but mostly toys. However, this years birthday list mostly contains items of clothing and electronics. It feels good to be breaking out of childhood and becoming a new person, but the older you get, the more you crave those childhood memories.

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