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My new iPad 2

iPad 2

iPad 2

Well as I said before, I didn’t want any toys for my birthday. Just clothing. Getting only clothing would be a sign of maturity. Since all I asked for was clothes, that’s what I expected to get.

The first thing that surprised me was the fact that my family threw me a surprise birthday party. When I saw the gifts, all I expected to see was clothes and some toys. I got mostly clothes and 1 toy. I got an Adidas sweater, 3 polo shirts, a pack of tech decks, and about $60 in cash. When I thought all was over, my aunt pulled out a rectangular shaped box from underneath the table. The box said Walmart on it so I expected it to be someq type of toy. I cut open the packaging and the words “iPad” on the side of the box slapped me in the face. I felt as if I were about to cry. I whipped out the box and everyone in the room gasped then started cheering and signing “Happy Birthday”. That was a moment that I will never forget.


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