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iPad 2 Smart Cover Review


The other week, I put a blog post about the new iPad 2 that I received for my birthday. About a week later, my dad and I went to the Apple Store for a seminar. At the end of the seminar, he ended up getting me a Smart Cover for my iPad 2.

The Apple Smart Cover is basically a 3 in 1. It’s a cover for your iPad, a typing stand for when your doing homework, and also a FaceTime stand. However, it’s also a screen cleaner. The fiber material on the inside cleans your screen when the cover is face down on the iPad screen. When you open the cover to use your iPad, you’re surprised with a shiny clean screen.

The iPad Smart Cover also puts your iPad to sleep, and also wakes it up. When you close your Smart Cover, you hear a “Click!” sound, which means the screen is locked. When you slightly open the cover to peek at the screen, the Smart Cover automatically opens the screen for you. The iPad Smart Cover only works on the iPad 2 and the newer iPad. The iPad Smart Cover will keep your iPad thin and safe at the same time.

*Note: If your iPad is protected with a password, the Smart Cover will just wake it up. If your iPad does not have a password, the Smart Cover takes you directly to the home screen.


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