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My Activities

OK, so you know about me, now I’ll tell you about the things I enjoy. I get involved in a lot of things because my parents say that I’m destined for greatness.

I’m a member of the Pathfinders, which is like Boy Scouts. As Pathfinders, we get involved in a lot of hands-on activities. Some of the activities we do are drilling, drumming, camping, hiking, and even making bird feeders. We meet every other Sunday in church, which gives us enough time to do work from our notebooks at home. Pathfinders is a organization that is present in almost every church.

Bible Bowl
I’m also on the Bible Bowl team at my church. We study the Bible and get different books every season. Some of the books we’ve studied so far are Matthew, Mark, and 1 Samuel. Every season the Conference sets up a competition where Bible Bowl teams from different churches come together and compete. The winners from every church compete against each other, and the winners from that competition go to the Finals.

Bass Guitar
Starting from fourth grade, I played the bass. I started off playing the trumpet, but I disliked it. My lips often burned, and the trumpets smelled like cats. So, I insisted to my music teacher that I play the bass. When I switched to the bass, it took me a little bit to adjust. My friend showed me some of the notes and, before long, I was playing on my own.

In 5th grade, my friend and I got a chance to play for the TV station Vh1 through a program at my school. We both won a free bass guitar package! After my graduation last year, I continue to play the bass in my new school band.

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