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*Giveaway* Tech Deck 4 Pack set $12.00

Tech Deck 4 Pack

I am selling a Tech Deck 4 pack of fingerboards for $12.00. I received this for my birthday, however, I don’t play with these toys. If anyone is interested in purchasing is, email me at scotty@scottyhampton.com. First person to order gets a used wooden fingerboard in addition to the order. Email: scotty@scottyhampton.com

iPad 2 Smart Cover Review


The other week, I put a blog post about the new iPad 2 that I received for my birthday. About a week later, my dad and I went to the Apple Store for a seminar. At the end of the seminar, he ended up getting me a Smart Cover for my iPad 2. The Apple Smart Cover is basically a 3 in 1. It’s a cover for your iPad, a typing stand for when your doing homework, and also a FaceTime stand. However, it’s also…

Solo (HD) Beats by Dr. Dre

Solo (HD) Beats by Dr. Dre

; I recently received an Amazon Gift Card for my 13th birthday. For the longest time, I couldn’t decide on what to get with Amazon Gift Card. First I wanted a chin, then a shirt, then some True Religon Jeans, and then a SnapBack. Then I realized those would all be a waste of money. Then I decided I wanted to get the Solo (HD) Beats by Dr.Dre. They’re flexible, light, and affordable. Most websites have it priced for $180, however, Amazon has them for…

My new iPad 2

iPad 2

Well as I said before, I didn’t want any toys for my birthday. Just clothing. Getting only clothing would be a sign of maturity. Since all I asked for was clothes, that’s what I expected to get. The first thing that surprised me was the fact that my family threw me a surprise birthday party. When I saw the gifts, all I expected to see was clothes and some toys. I got mostly clothes and 1 toy. I got an Adidas sweater, 3 polo shirts,…

Ugg Butte (Youth)

Ugg Butte

Every winter of my life I’ve been wearing regular plain old snowboots. They kept me warm and all, but one problem I had with all of my former boots is that they weren’t stylish. All of my boots were UGLY. Fortunately for me, I found some very stylish boots at the beginning of 2011, which were called the Ugg Butte (B-yoot). I fell in love with these boots instantly and had a wanted to get them. Unfortunately, when I spotted them it was the end…

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