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My Canon PowerShot A530

My new camera is turning out to be very fun. The camera is called a CanonPoweShot A530. It has 5.0 Mega Pixels and a zoom lens. It also has a regular camera and a video camera. My camera can can shoot Macro pictures without a Macro lens. I like my camera because it has a lot of controls that I know how to use. I am happy my dad bought me this camera! [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]    

Me Practicing My Bass

Did you know that I play the bass guitar? I started a few months ago and I’m getting pretty good. I have a Dean bass guitar and I try to practice with it every day.  This movie shows me practicing. My daddy used my camera to make this movie. © 2009 Scotty Hampton. All rights reserved.

Memories From Chuck E Cheese’s

Today was a very busy day. I went to Chuck E Cheese’s for my best friend’s birthday/going away party. While I was there I was waiting for some of my other friends to arrive before I started playing games. When they arrived the first game I played was Street Hoops. After playing games we took a break and sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy. After getting pizza, cake, drinks, and the rest of the refreshments, I took my little sister to play some games…

Wow, What an Extravagant Day!

Today was the 3rd of July so we had a day off of summer camp. Everything started off good. Then I thought: “could this day get any better?” Believe it or not, it actually did get better. First I got the best haircut, then I got my own camera! Next, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Chipotle and ate in Prospect Park. That was our picnic. At the park I tested out my camera, threw a football, a frisbee, and played tennis with another…

First Week of Summer Camp

It is finally summer. I was happy until I found out I had to go to summer camp. When I found out what summer camp was going to be like this year, I felt disappointed. First of all there were hardly any children my age. Second, there aren’t a lot of trips planned. Then I found out that the work we were going to do was easy, so I thought this would be a blast. So now I think summer camp will be great. I also think this…

Hi, and Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog. I will be talking about my life in 5th grade and in middle school. I like to play my bass guitar all the time and play games on the computer. In my blog you will hear the things I like to do and the things that I do daily. Also, you will hear about events that I have witnessed. I will also be posting videos. Here is a list of some of the websites I like: Cartoon Network YouTube…

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