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“Winter” 2011-2012

The reason I have quotation marks on winter is because this year we didn’t really have winter. Since it’s winter season, I have no choice but to call it that. It snowed a little bit but it didn’t pile up whatsoever. This same time last year, we had up to 3 inches of snow which covered everywhere. Now this year, mother nature decides to hold back the fun. I didn’t get to throw one snowball at anyone this year which is quite unusual for me….

Ugg Butte

Ugg Butte (Youth)

Every winter of my life I’ve been wearing regular plain old snowboots. They kept me warm and all, but one problem I had with all of my former boots is that they weren’t stylish. All of my boots were UGLY. Fortunately for me, I found some very stylish boots at the beginning of 2011, which were called the Ugg Butte (B-yoot). I fell in love with these boots instantly and had a wanted to get them. Unfortunately, when I spotted them it was the end…

Jordan Fly 23

Jordan Fly 23 (GS)

About a week ago my aunt came by my house and dropped off some presents for my sister and I. To my surprise, she got me some new sneakers. They’re called Jordan Fly 23. They’re a pretty good built sneaker with a soft insole and cushioned padding around the ankle for support. The sole itself is about 1inch thick including the sky blue clear rubber sole at the bottom. The sneaker has a comfortable mesh tongue which allows your toes and ankles to breath which…


New Glasses (Ray Ban)

On Friday my glasses got stepped on by accident during recess. I was upset beyond beleif. My friends tried to help me tape it together and they searched around for crazy glue but nothing would work. Without my glasses, I wouldn’t be able to see in any of my glasses so I went to the Assistant Principal’s office. She taped them for me but they kept coming off my face. To make a long story short, my dad ended up picking me up that day….

Taking the 7th Grade

So far this year has been going pretty good. I’m up to date with al of my homework, projects, and any other kinds of schoolwork. Honestly, it’s not been easy trying to maintain a perfect record. Sometimes you get distracted by the T.V., or Facebook then you realize whats happening and shift your focus back where it’s supposed to be. Also since I’m in 7th grade now, the homework and the projects become more difficult. The essay’s require more paragraphs and most of the projects…

Hornets Snapback

2 New Snapbacks

Over the past week, I got 2 new snapbacks. One is a Zephyr Orange/Navy Blue and the other is a Mitchell and Ness Purple/Teal snapback. Mitchell and Ness: This is a Charlotte Hornets snapback with a purple brim and a teal or baby blue crown. It has a purple peak, snap, and the writing on the back is purple. One thing I notice is that Mitchell and Ness remakes vintage hats. While New Era snapbacks have a round brim, the brim on the Mitchell and…

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