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Samsung Solstice

Samsung Solstice II

For the past month, I’ve been having communication problems with my Tracfone T101g. Whenever I called my dad from school, we always got drop outs so he decided it was time for me to get a new phone. It’s been a good 3 years with my old Tracfone and it’s finally time to say goodbye. My parents talked it over and decided to put me on the family plan. The phone he got for me was the AT&T Samsung Solstice II. This phone has almost every…

Taking Care of Pop

My dad recently started having shoulder pains that would hurt a lot. Whenever he’d bump his shoulder that pain would start to increase. One afternoon when he picked my little sister up from school it started hurting really bad. However he still remained strong and withheld the pain. But on Friday night the pain came back and he had to go to the emergency room. He got back from the emergency room about 9:00 on Saturday morning with his right arm in a sling. It…

Roundhouse Adidas Mid Black

Roundhouse Adidas Mid Black

On Wednesday my dad, sister and I went all over the place to look for sneakers for school. Since it was raining it was a little hard for us to be mobile but we managed anyway. Since we had just came back from getting haircuts my dad figured we should go to Kings Plaza first since we were in the area already. We looked but they either didn’t carry them or didn’t have my size. The only place I knew that had them was the…

First Day of 7th grade

Well, now that I’m a junior things are gonna be different, I don’t actually feel older but I guess I’ll feel it sooner or later. The first day started off pretty awkward, wherever I looked every boy I knew had a mohawk, (not to mention the SAME kind that I was thinking of getting.) At first when I saw who my teacher was I thought he would be mean, but after 1st period Mr. Ganie turned out to be pretty nice. He was fair, nice, and…

Back to School

A Clean Slate

When I began the 6th grade I had big expectations and goals. Some of the goals I reached, but many of them I didn’t. I had big hopes of being a good student and earning a 90% average or above, but I didn’t. I thought this would be a breeze just like Elementary School. Little did I know that 6th grade wouldn’t be any ordinary walk in the park. This year my goal is to be at the top of my game. With a less distractions…

Ready or Not Here it Comes

Well, unfortunately for many school will be starting soon. Many kids would be bummed out and grumpy. However, I for one am excited. When I got my report card on the last day of school my homeroom was listed there, but my teacher’s name wasn’t listed there and there are a lot of teachers I’m not looking forward to having. This like the game of lottery, you don’t know what will happen and you just have to deal with the consequences whether they’re good or…

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