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Sharks New Era Snapback

San Jose Sharks New Era Snapback

The other day, I got a New Era hat for my birthday. (He’s 2 months late.) However, this wasn’t any hat, it was a San Jose Sharks Snapback.  The brim is sea green with the peak, while the other parts of the hat are black. Snapbacks used to be popular in the 1980’s but got fazed out when fitted’s were invented. Now, many styles from the 80’s such as bright colored jeans, Ray Ban glasses, and Snapbacks are coming back in style. One thing I…

Perler Beads

Perler Beads

Throughout the week, I noticed some of my friends and schoolmates with perler bead chains. Some wore them as chains wile others pinned them on to their clothing. My friend recently gave me a design with the Bathing Ape sign. My mom got me a huge pack of beads, so now I’ll make a few of my own. Soon, I’ll make a tutorial of how to make Yoshi out of the beads.

I Think We Have a Winner…

I hope you all remember the project I did called the Parthenon. Well, on Monday, my teacher broke the news to me that I got into the Social Studies Fair. It was kind of obvious because she gave me an A even though my project was super-duper late (not to mention I got my grade immediately after my presentation). So yesterday, since half of the class was gone because they were going on the school camping trip, Ms. Jackson had us take the projects upstairs…

vinnie's pizza10

One Pie Fills All

After school today, my dad took me to Vinnie’s Pizza. Hence the name, Vinnie’s is a pizza restaurant, but to our advantage, it also has Vegan Pizza. When we got there, we were very hungry, so we ordered one pizza pie. Now this was quite unusual for us, usually, we’d when we went here, we would order 2 Vegan slices, and 2 orders of garlic knots. This time we got one pie, 4 orders of garlic knots, and a Snapple, to quench out thirst. First…

Summer 2009

Planning For the Summer

Over this year, we’ve had a lot of suggestions about what we should do during the summer. Some said go to Florida, museums, water parks, and many other fun stuff. I’ve had similar ideas, but what I really want to do is, go to the beach at Florida. The last time I went to Florida I was going to the 5th grade. I haven’t seen my family over there in over 2 years, so I want to go back and visit. Another thing I want…


Less Pocket Lint, More Money

A 12 year old boy comes home from school one day. His friends are all off to the pizza parlor, but the child has no money. Wondering what he should do, he rushes home and asks his mother to borrow some cash. “Mom! Mom!”, says the boy. “What is it?”, says Mom. “My friends and I are going to the pizza parlor.” “What does that have anything to do with me?”, says Mom. “I have no cash, can you loan me some?” “I can’t do…

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