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As we all know, the warm season is approaching, which means that many people are getting allergies. Including me unfortunately. Yesterday, my asthma started acting up and as a result, I had to stay home from school. To make it even worse, I was supposed to take my NYS Math Exam Part 2, but know I have to schedule a makeup date. Unfortunately, all this occurred while we were about to leave, so we had to reconsider everything. My mom had to take me to…

NYS Math Test

Today was Wednesday May 11, 2011 and today would be the day that 3rd to 8th graders would take the NYS Math Test. I’d been taking this test for years so I already knew what to expect. Today was the multiple choice part and tommorow we’ll have short responses. My math teacher has been working with us all year for this moment and she says that she feels very confident in us. Honestly, I feel confident in myself too. My hands were beaming with sweat…

New Post Coming 5/12/11

Attention! On May 12, 2011, there will be a new post entitled NYS Math Test. It will be published at 3:00 p.m.

The Parthenon

Parthenon (Completed)

So, we finally finished the Parthenon, and to admit, it looks very well. On thursday my dad and I spend a lot of quality time painting the base, and the walls. We had to redo the roof and the base because we miss measured something. We had to redo a lot of things because it didn’t work the way we wanted it to work. For example, instead of 1/4 inch dowels, we used 3/16 inch dowels. These dowels, had a better fit, as well as…

Gluing the top

Parthenon Prep (Part 2)

Today, me and my father worked a little more on my project. We built the roof, walls, steps, and everything else you can imagine. The only thing left for today is to get the wooden dowels cut by my uncle. Also, we’re going to run out and get the correct paint that we need for the Parthenon. Tonight we’ll start sketching the sculptures that are on the front and back. We took a bunch of pictures front our preparation, take a look! We got the…

Reading my Bible

Crowd Fright

Yesterday, our church competed in another Bible Bowl game. Honestly, I don’t think that we studied enough. When we got to the church I admit that I was excited. I was also nervous. I made sure I paid absolute attention to the questions that were being asked without getting distracted. Everytime I knew the answer I would silently answer it in my head, my hands were sweating. I wondered who our opponent would be. I picked up the schedule, my friend and I exchanged glances,…

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