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Reading my Bible

Somewhat a Victory

Ok, so you all may not be familiar with the Bible Bowl so I’ll explain to you what it’s about. Basically teams from different churches study and memorize different books from the Bible and then compete a few times each year in a competition called a Bible Bowl. My church has a youth team and a junior team, so we compete in two sections of the Bible Bowl. I’m in the junior team. I’ll call my church Team A and our competitors Team B. It…

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iMovie ’11

Well, I’m back to blogging but this time it’s on WordPress. I got a new app from iLife a couple of months ago, and it’s called iMovie ’11. I’ve been working with it alot. to make home videos and lots of other stuff. One of the newest (and one of my favorite) features is the trailers. In iMovie ’11 the provide you with a variety of themes for the trailers. Here are a couple of new features provided by iMovie: I played with the settings…

The Golden Bean

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a 13-year-old boy and his pet monkey, Abu. The boy was an only child for he had nowhere to live because his mother threw him into the streets. So he slept on the rooftop of a house in the medieval town of Galloway. The boy had parents but his father passed away and his mother abandoned him for he was a “raggedy hoodlum”, she would say. So the boy and his monkey had to…


Fall is Approaching

As you all know fall is approching and the summer is nearly over. How did the summer pass by so fast. Well over this summer I did alot. I didn’t leave the country or anything but I did have fun. Lets see I went to the YMCA for a couple of weeks and learned how to swim. I got a new Casio G-Shock. My family had lots of yard sales this sumer and we made alot of money. I went to Reiss beach and boy…


New Setups

Here’s my new fingerboard setup; Flatface G12 Board FBS Riptape Flatface G7 Bearing Wheels Blackriver Trucks Here’s setup # 2: Wooden Tech Deck (Andrew Reynolds Baker) Blue G7 Bearing Wheels FBS Extra Smooth Tape Flatface Trucks Setup # 1 and # 2 \____________/ __O______ O_____ \____________/ __O______ O_____

Fingerboard: Then and Now

I’m getting pretty good with my fingerboarding skills. Here is a video that shows how much i’ve improved. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

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