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My Photos on Flickr

Hey everyone it’s Scottyhamptonsworld and today I’ll be telling you about my new Flickr account. Well, I haven’t uploaded any photos or videos yet because I just haven’t gotten a chance to. I have thousands of videos and pictures but I didn’t upload any yet. But don’t worry I’ll do somehing soon. You can keep track check of my pictures every week at: http://flickr.com/photos/scottyhamptonsworld


Final Cut Express 4

Today I finally got Final Cut Express 4. I’ve been waiting for a very long times to get it. All this time I’ve just been using imovie 08′. Imovie is pretty cool but Final Cut is the best. You can do green screen, saber effects, and all types of things imovie can’t do. It’s time for me to take a bigger step in movie making and it looks like ill be using this for a while.

Reading Log: Sun & Spoon

Spoon is motivated to take one of the suns his grandmother has hanging on the wall. He wants something to remember because she’s dead. I can tell how Spoon feels because when my great grandmother died I was searching her house to find something that she either touched, used, or had. 11-23-09

Reading Log: The Island

The Island Wil’s spend at the island has made him really know nature. He likes to draw pictures of his environment. I would like to be in the position Wil is in at the Island.

Reading Log: The Island

Page 72-88 Time: 4:35-5:06 I think that Will is having a good time remembering the good times he had with his family when his grandmother was still alive. I can tell that he really loved his grandmother.

Sweet Berries

Today when I came back from the laundry I noticed my dad bought a lot of groceries. He showed us what he got. Then he asked us to try these strawberries. Those things were so sweet. I’ve never tasted anything like them. Now the box they came in is empty. I don’t think any strawberry could top those ones.

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