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Crowd Fright

Reading my Bible

Yesterday, our church competed in another Bible Bowl game. Honestly, I don’t think that we studied enough. When we got to the church I admit that I was excited. I was also nervous. I made sure I paid absolute attention to the questions that were being asked without getting distracted. Everytime I knew the answer I would silently answer it in my head, my hands were sweating. I wondered who our opponent would be. I picked up the schedule, my friend and I exchanged glances,…

Somewhat a Victory

Reading my Bible

Ok, so you all may not be familiar with the Bible Bowl so I’ll explain to you what it’s about. Basically teams from different churches study and memorize different books from the Bible and then compete a few times each year in a competition called a Bible Bowl. My church has a youth team and a junior team, so we compete in two sections of the Bible Bowl. I’m in the junior team. I’ll call my church Team A and our competitors Team B. It…

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